Humans of Sparklab – Kate

KateSparkLab Learning OfficerQueensland Museum Kate is a science communicator with a Masters of Science Communication from Imperial College London. With a background in science and journalism, Kate loves working in SparkLab because she gets to have great conversations with visitors about science and learn about science all day. What first sparked your interest in science? My love of science started with a picture book. It … Continue reading Humans of Sparklab – Kate

Humans of SparkLab – Jesse

JesseSparkLab Learning OfficerQueensland Museum With a background in chemistry at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Jesse loves learning and studying so much that he went on to obtain a first class Honours and is currently writing up his PhD thesis. What first sparked your interest in science? I always looked forward to chemistry class because of how experimental and hands on it was. It was much … Continue reading Humans of SparkLab – Jesse

Searching for Surprise Rainbows with SparkLab

Kate, SparkLab Learning Officer, South Bank Discover rainbows around your home and explore the science of light and colour. Have you ever noticed a rainbow somewhere that you didn’t expect one? SparkLab Learning Officers have been discovering surprise rainbows all over their homes. This got us thinking… Where do rainbows come from? And how can we create our own rainbows at home? Search for your … Continue reading Searching for Surprise Rainbows with SparkLab