Avro Baby: Original or Museum Mock-Up?

By Peter Volk, Assistant Collections Manager, Queensland Museum How “real” is the Avro Baby flown by Bert Hinkler? This interesting question was raised in a recent public inquiry about one of the most significant objects in Queensland Museum’s collection. We often get inquiries at the museum that are slightly left field or cause us to think differently about our collection. This happened recently when we fielded … Continue reading Avro Baby: Original or Museum Mock-Up?

Hinkler’s Avro Baby

By Jennifer High, Senior Curator of Transport and Energy On 11 April 1921, Bert Hinkler flew non-stop from Sydney to Bundaberg, Queensland, in his Avro Baby aircraft, G-EACQ. The flight was a new distance record in Australia, with the 1287 km journey completed in 8 hours and 40 minutes. One hundred years later, Hinkler’s Avro Baby is part of Queensland Museum’s collection and on display … Continue reading Hinkler’s Avro Baby