5 minutes with Dr Brit Asmussen

Spend five minutes with Dr Brit Asmussen, Acting Principal Curator, Cultures and Histories as she chats about her work as a research scientists and her favourite items in the Queensland Museum Collection. What is your favourite object in the collection and why? I currently work across several collections (Indigenous Cultures, Archaeology, Antiquities, World Cultures), and I find the more I work with the really wide … Continue reading 5 minutes with Dr Brit Asmussen

To the teachers, thank you

As of Monday 25 May 2020, all Queensland school students are set to go back to school, after many being at home doing school virtually for some time. The importance of teachers and their pivotal role in our youth’s lives cannot be overlooked. During this unique and unprecedented time, teachers have been responsive and supportive in transitioning whilst helping students and parents alike. With this, … Continue reading To the teachers, thank you

Museum for Teens: Lost Creatures

Written by: Tim Janetzki is a student at Ferny Grove State High School who has taken it upon himself to discover the Queensland Museum and the amazing things within it. Over the coming months Tim will blog about his personal experiences and views on the Museum. His first assignment was discovering Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland.

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