It starts with a spark!

Museum memories await these school holidays

School holidays have arrived, and curious young minds are already making the most out of their break at SparkLab, exploring the wonder of science and making lifelong memories.

Siblings, friends and families visiting the space these holidays can expect unique and interactive experiences across 40 displays and exhibits where they are encouraged to be involved in the investigation and question ‘why’ throughout their visit.

Youngsters aged 6 – 13-years old are especially well suited to a SparkLab adventure, and these exhibits are some of the firm favourites where our team see cherished memories being made.

Feel the force in Rotation station

Rotation station, also known as the ‘spinning chair’ attracts budding scientists with a need for speed. Their curiosity leads them to discover that the speed of their spin depends on where they position their arms and legs in the chair during their journey. Rotation pilots can ask a friend, parent or one of our friendly staff to give them a push, and observe what happens to their speed when they reach out or tuck in. 

Get your (UV) glow on

When you walk into Ultraviolet glow at SparkLab, you’ll likely notice that parts of your clothing and shoes glow in the dark. Ever wonder why some materials glow under UV light and others don’t? The answer awaits in this unique space.   

Fly higher than the rest with Flight test

The upward vortex of air at Flight test draws curious young scientists in where they’re encouraged to design and build a vessel that can maintain flight within the air current. Friends and family can compare the success of their vessel’s flight and race to see which is the most aerodynamic of them all.

The world is at your fingertips with Science on a Sphere

Our Science on a Sphere exhibit is the centre of the SparkLab universe. The 1.8 meter diameter sphere is suspended in the space where visitors are able to choose their exploration using a kiosk or a staff facilitated control pad loaded with over 570 different datasets from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Choose to investigate our Earth, take a trip to Mars or orbit the sun. Tracking animal migrations, seeing where earthquakes are occurring and discovering Jupiter’s moons is just the beginning!

Guests have the option to explore Science on a Sphere at their own pace or join a facilitated session with our friendly SparkLab team.

Show your true colours with Coloured shadows 

See yourself in a different light as your shadow transforms from regular to rainbow in this fascinating exhibit that always draws colourful reactions from our visitors.  Ask yourself how this effect is possible and collaborate with friends and family to create combinations of coloured shadows. Hint: This makes for an epic photo to remember your visit by!  

Are you curious to begin your SparkLab adventure? Book your tickets and prepare to be a scientist for the day! Be sure to share your experience with us by tagging #SparkLabQM and @qldmuseum.

Academic Partner – The University of Queensland