The Most Instagrammable Scenes in SparkLab

Add colour to your reels and brighten your profile with a trip to SparkLab!

SparkLab is where the young and young-at-heart come to ignite their imaginations and explore the many amazing ways that science manifests in our everyday lives. A wonderful by-product of these scientific phenomena is stunning colour, light, sound and movement that make for an epic photo op. So, if you’re an Instagram novice or wield a more professional lens, you’re sure to find a unique scene in SparkLab, like:

Coloured Shadows

A truly iconic SparkLab scene where your regular grey shadow transforms into bright shades of sherbet. Coloured shadows intrigues SparkLab visitors daily, inciting movement and joy with all who wander into it. This is the ultimate colour boost to your Insta feed.

Mirror Mirror

PSA – Bathroom mirror selfies are out! Mirror selfies get a glow up in honour of Snow White and the evil Queen with our Mirror Mirror exhibit. (You can explore more about her Majesty over at our Disney: The Magic of Animation exhibition until 22 January 2023). It’s easier to find your best angle when you can see yourself from 100 different angles at once, and trust us, you look great in every tile.

Touch the lightning (plasma ball)

Plasma balls will never stop being interesting. They make you feel like Thor in the flesh. Why does the lighting flow to you, and how strong is the spark? A remarkable and unique expression of the power at our fingertips, sure to stand out on your profile.


Blue Man Group made a global career out of playing instruments just like our thong-o-phone. In America they’re flip flops, in New Zealand they’re jandals, in Australia they’re thongs and in SparkLab they’re a drumstick-like tool used to create a symphony of percussion from pipes of different heights. SparkLab is home to thong-o-phone rockstars, who might give you tips on how to play Seven Nation Army for your story if you’re lucky.

Science on a Sphere

Travel bugs or those seeking a reality check on how immense and amazing our world and the wider universe is, will be drawn to our ‘Science on a Sphere’ exhibit. This giant suspended globe lets you choose the ‘filter’ for its surface, letting you capture an adventure to space, seeing the Earth and planets like you were in your very own spaceship. There are a few experiences cooler than this for those who dream of space travel. #MayTheForceBeWithYou

Happy snapping! Fancy a photoshoot? Visit SparkLab on Level 1, Queensland Museum.

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