Tips for finding frogs around your home | World Frog Day

Every year March 20th marks World Frog Day which aims to bring awareness to amphibians across the globe.

Frogs occupy every conceivable habitat. In Australia there are over 240 known species of frog, with 105 species found in Queensland. Some frogs are brightly coloured, others drab. There are smooth frogs, warty frogs, skinny frogs, fat frogs, frilled frogs, long-legged frogs, sharp-snouted frogs and many more.

Common frogs found in Queensland

Frogs are disappearing and the problem is both complex and serious – complex, because we don’t fully understand the causes and serious because it points to problems in the environment. 

We’re calling all citizen scientist to help us monitor Australia’s frog population, distribution and health by using the FrogID app to identify and record frog species. Over time this data is valuable to help scientists and researchers understand the impacts of climate change on frogs and their ecosystems.

We encourage you to get out there and find some frogs in your local area!

Eastern sedgefrog, Litoria fallax. © Queensland Museum, Gary Cranitch

Here are some helpful tips to find frogs

  • Frogs typically call in or near water, so the best places to listen for them are around streams, wetlands, dams, creeks and swamps
  • You might also hear frog calls in your local park or in drains or even fishponds
  • The best time to listen for frogs tends to be after rain, when you might find frogs in ditches or hollows where water is collected
  • Most frogs are nocturnal so the best time to hear frog calls is typically in the first few hours after sunset
  • Frog calls can be heard throughout the year, depending on the breeding season of each species
  • The best times of year to hear frog calls tend to be over spring and summer, when most Australian species breed
  • The FrogID app includes a “near me” function that identifies different species that might be found at your location.

Would you like to encourage frogs to reside at your home?

It is not surprising that many people love frogs and actively encourage their presence. Frogs need moist environments, a place to hide, a place to breed, a clean environment and of course, food. Read some more tips on how to create a frog friendly garden.

FrogID App

FrogID is Australia’s first national Citizen Science frog identification initiative – a project led by the Australian Museum in partnership with Australia’s leading natural history museums, IBM and Inspiring Australia.

FrogID utilises a mobile app to help identify frog species by their call and geotagging to map species distribution. Did you know each species of frog has its own unique call? You can help identify frogs and their habitats by using the FrogID app to record frog calls.  

Download the free FrogID app today via the App Store or Google Play.