A message from our CEO

Once upon a time, high up on a hill, stood a windmill.

In the windmill was a tiny room, full of treasure.

This may sound like the opening lines of a fairy tale, but in fact, it describes the origins of the Queensland Museum Network, in Brisbane’s Old Windmill in 1862.

The Old Windmill Observatory, Spring Hill. Image State Libary of Queensland

We’re an organisation which grew up with Queensland, now stretching across the state, connecting and collecting with our many communities.

While the global community is living through times not experienced by our current generations, our purpose of connecting remains the same, despite our museum buildings being closed to the public in Townsville, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Brisbane.

You can keep connected with us during the closure by following our various social media accounts, browse the online collection or download one of our learning resources.

The story of this land and its People long predates the windmill on the hill, and our future is for all of us to write. But Queensland Museum Network will always be there to dig deeper and reveal those untold stories.

Stay safe, stay curious and keep connecting, even if that is virtually for a while.

Dr Jim Thompson
CEO, Queensland Museum Network