Discover at Queensland Museum

There’s still plenty to discover at the Queensland Museum! Our Discovery Centre may be undergoing some renovations but our team is still here at the Museum to help you satisfy your curiosity.

If you need help with identifying a bug, a snake, some bones you’ve dug up, or anything else get in touch.  And our discovery team does love a challenge so bring it on!

Feel free to send us a message thorough our Ask an Expert page here, or come into the museum to ask us directly. We love to explore the wonderful world around us and would love to help you discover more.

Don’t have the time to come in? Send us a parcel instead and we’ll get back to you.  But please, we don’t want parcels like the ones that occasionally turn up containing nasty surprises … Before sending or delivering your intriguing mysteries, it’s good idea to browse the Identification Guidelines on our website first.

One package arrived full of live and angry paper wasps! Another was delivered well wrapped and neatly labelled. The note inside was clearly written, asking our help to identify the enclosed creature. One slight problem – there was also a large circular bore-hole cut cleanly through the cardboard. The occupant of the parcel, packaged alive, had now departed and tunneled its way out to freedom! We suppose it made its way into the Australian postal system. So please do not try to send us live animals. We never did find out what it was or where it ended up…

The Discovery Centre staff deal with thousands of inquiries every year and we plan to keep that up during our changeover period. So don’t be shy come on in and ask us, show us, test us, and even amaze us with what you’ve found.

We even have pop up Daily Discoveries to make sure you can always learn more with an expert! With a wide range of expertise within our team you never know what you might see. All things from feeding spiders, to getting up close and personal with stick insects, fascinating fossils, even snakes, and much more!

Still curious? Check out our question of the month or try out Find Out About section online where we have plenty of knowledge to share with you. See what you can discover – we look forward to hearing from you!