Dimmick family visit Anzac Legacy Gallery at Queensland Museum

After searching for descendants of WW1 soldier Leonard Dimmick, since 2017, it was finally great to meet Leonard’s grandchildren and great grandchildren when they visited our Anzac Legacy Gallery to see his war memorabilia on display.

In 1923, Leonard’s father donated a number of items to the museum, which Leonard sent home to Australia while serving in the war. Some of these items include a pottery figure, representing a seated Isis with Horus, and a large grey terracotta scarab.

The number of soldiers travelling through or training in Egypt at the time would have been an absolute boon for the souvenir sellers, including those selling ‘genuine’ antiquities and faux objects, such as these.

Leonard Dimmick, 2 LHR [Light Horse Regiment] WW1 enlisted on the 20th August 1914.  At time of enlistment he was 34, a miner and a widower. The date of embarkation was the 24th September 1914. Dimmick died of dysentery in Egypt in March 1916 and is buried in the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt.

L to R: Leonard Dimmick (grandson), Linda Maher (great granddaughter), Keryn Gray (great granddaughter) and Marion Gray (Granddaughter).
Pottery Figure
Dimmick family viewing the coins at Queensland Museum.

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