Museum Revealed Podcast [Ep 11]: Snails, Squids and More Molluscs with Collection Manager Darryl Potter

Did you know molluscs are ancient creatures? They’ve been around for half a billion years! From snails to squids, Collection Manager of Molluscs, Darry Potter takes us through this enormously diverse group of animals. 

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Let’s meet our guest: Darryl Potter

Darryl is presently the Collection Manager for both the Mollusc and Crustacean sections. After completing studies in Applied Science, Biology at the Queensland University of Technology, Darryl was employed on a short-term research assistant grant in the Mollusc section at the Queensland Museum in 1981. Following this, he then worked as a research assistant in Microbiology at the University of Queensland. In 1982 he took up permanent employment at the museum in the mollusc and crustacean sections. Learn more here.

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