5 reasons to visit Sea Monsters

Haven’t visited Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Ocean Predators yet? We’ve rounded up our top five reasons you’ll want to check out the mysteries of the deep in this exciting exhibition that brings to live the ancient marine reptiles that once hunted the depths of the ocean.

1. Real fossils from millions of years ago

It’s not just palaeontologists that study fossils, you too will be up close and personal with the prehistoric ocean predators with never-before-seen fossil displays from millions of years ago including a 1.4 metre Kronosaur jaw.

2. Giant life-sized replicas of sea monsters

Measure up to the monsters with larger than life casts from real specimens including a 13 metre Elasmosaur. Boy are we glad these ancient marine reptiles aren’t swimming in today’s oceans!

3. Create your very own sea monster

Put your creativity into play and bring a beast to life with the interactive colouring in stations and Make a Monster game. Will you design a carnivorous ocean predator or a miniscule marine reptile? The choice is yours!

4. Discover the latest in marine reptile research

Learn from some of Queensland Museum’s sharpest science minds, including; Senior Curator and Palaeontologist, Dr Espen Knutsen; Senior Curator Geosciences and Vertebrate Palaeoecologist, Dr Scott Hocknull; and Head of Geosciences in the Biodiversity and Geosciences Program, Dr Andrew Rozefelds as we showcase some of the latest research in the field.

5. Puzzling fun for the whole family

There are games of all shapes and sizes, including a Polycotylid (family of plesiosaurs) jigsaw for the puzzle fanatics, turtle shells to explore and a colourful characters scanner to capture your finest artwork! Plus, kids and kids-at-heart can adventure through the exhibition and try spot the hidden mini light-up displays with sea monster antics.

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