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ANZAC Day 1916 – Queensland School Journal

Written by Assistant Curator, Social History, Lyn Petrie.

Do you remember attending an ANZAC Day ceremony at school and learning about the ANZAC tradition?

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A Day of Sentiment

Written by Senior Curator of Social History,  Mark Clayton

In 1988 the Queensland Museum was gifted a collection of twenty-eight purple Anzac Day ribbons documenting Miss Jean Hardie’s [almost] unswerving attendance at the nation’s annual day of commemoration.

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Quinn’s Post: Gallipoli

Written by Mark Clayton, Senior Curator, Social History, Queensland Museum.

This hand-drawn map of Quinn’s Post, Gallipoli, documents – in great detail – the disposition of Australian forces including the location of mines, trenches, tunnels, and winzes. The right-hand table also chronicles the forty-seven mine explosions that occurred there during the eight month campaign.
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