Humans of SparkLab – Brandon

Brandon – SparkLab Learning Officer at Queensland Museum Brandon is a scientist, teacher and science communicator with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from QUT. What first sparked your interest in science? From a young age I have been amazed by living things and the natural world. I enjoyed going on bushwalks with my family, exploring rock pools along the … Continue reading Humans of SparkLab – Brandon

Exploring Earth and beyond with Science on a Sphere

Science on a Sphere puts the world and the universe at your fingertips! Marvel at the beauty of our blue planet and blast-off into outer space when you explore Earth and beyond in SparkLab.   Our huge 1.8m diameter sphere suspended in the centre of SparkLab uses the latest digital technology to project global, environmental and planetary data onto its surface. Choose what to investigate … Continue reading Exploring Earth and beyond with Science on a Sphere

Searching for Surprise Rainbows with SparkLab

Kate, SparkLab Learning Officer, South Bank Discover rainbows around your home and explore the science of light and colour. Have you ever noticed a rainbow somewhere that you didn’t expect one? SparkLab Learning Officers have been discovering surprise rainbows all over their homes. This got us thinking… Where do rainbows come from? And how can we create our own rainbows at home? Search for your … Continue reading Searching for Surprise Rainbows with SparkLab