Magic of the Minifig

We all love LEGO® Minifigures and I bet you’ve got your favourite. There really is a character for everyone. So we wanted to find out and share some of the magic surrounding LEGO’s Minifigs. The LEGO Minifigure, also known as Minifig or just fig was first introduced in 1978 and the first character was a Police Officer. Before this time, early figures had no facial … Continue reading Magic of the Minifig

Meet Australotitan, Australia’s largest dinosaur!

By Rochelle Lawrence, Senior Research Assistant, and Scott Hocknull, Senior Curator, Geosciences, Queensland Museum  It is time to meet Australotitan cooperensis, a new species of giant sauropod from Eromanga in southwest Queensland. Australotitan, the ‘Southern Titan of the Cooper’, named from where it was found, has been scientifically described by palaeontologists and staff at Queensland Museum and the Eromanga Natural History Museum. The fossilised skeleton … Continue reading Meet Australotitan, Australia’s largest dinosaur!