Let’s not forget the “little things”

By Dr Mike Rix (Principal Curator, Arachnida, and Research Fellow) Most of us are all too familiar with the plights of large and charismatic species such as the tiger, black rhinoceros, giant panda and polar bear. Their iconic status and magnificence are synonymous with the international conservation movement, as their continued existence on planet Earth remains so dependent on the concerted efforts of citizens and … Continue reading Let’s not forget the “little things”

Mighty Mites

Dr Owen Seeman is the Collection Manager for Arachnida at the Queensland Museum. He is responsible for the care of the collection, scientific loans of specimens, and identifications. Owen’s main research area is the taxonomy of mites that live on and in insects. Mites are amazing animals. They are arachnids, so they commonly have 4 pairs of legs. They can live anywhere imaginable and their life cycles … Continue reading Mighty Mites