Behind The Scenes – The Dolly Washer

Environmentally Friendly Washing Machine Ever wondered how to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your electricity bill as the same time?  Well look no further than the past!  Re-introducing the “Dolly Washer” from 1879.  The “Dolly” washer features a central wooden spiked agitator in the wash bowl to help remove the most stubborn stains and ergonomic 3 gear reduction hand crank to allow … Continue reading Behind The Scenes – The Dolly Washer

Behind the Scenes – Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup

Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup  I have noticed that the overdosing of paracetamol to young children has hit the headlines again.  Jane Hanson of  The Sunday Telegraph wrote “half of all parents give their children paracetamol when they don’t need it – and many get the dose wrong.” Well I am glad these overdosed children and their parents didn’t live in Brisbane in the late 1800s … Continue reading Behind the Scenes – Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup

Sea Spiders – from the South Pole to the Tropics

Dr Claudia Arango, a research fellow at Queensland Museum, is one of the few world specialists on pycnogonids (or sea spiders). She has been working on Australian fauna since 1998. Claudia studies these spiders to work out how they evolved; their ecology; relationships among the families and species; and to help understand their position in the arthropod Tree of Life. Claudia is currently leading a three-year … Continue reading Sea Spiders – from the South Pole to the Tropics

Behind the Scenes: The Mimeograph

What did teachers do before photocopiers? Prior to the commercialisation of the photocopier, many schools used a duplicator.  There are two types of duplicator, a spirit duplicator which uses a multi layered, ink impregnated wax based master copy and a mimeograph which uses a single layered waxed paper master copy. To prepare a spirit duplicator master a teacher would write or type onto the top … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: The Mimeograph

DNA Detective

Dr Jessica Worthington Wilmer is a research scientist in the Biodiversity and Geosciences program at Queensland Museum (QM). She’s also the Manager of QM’s Molecular Identities Laboratory and Frozen Tissue Collection. Jessica gets to work on some really cool things! She’s used genetics to look at the population structure of tiny little aquatic snails living in Artesian springs in Australian deserts; used DNA to determine … Continue reading DNA Detective